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Username: websitio
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 4:11 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN may face the same action Afternic took to force them to be fair


      A few months ago, ICANN faced a lawsuit from Afternic, after initially being rejected as a registrar. ICANN had some concerns about cybersquatting and the fact that they were already acting as domain resellers, which could become a conflict of interest. Even though Afternic (their subsidiary) made it clear that it was not going to be an issue.  
     After ICANN faced pressure from abroad, including a lawsuit from Afternic, they approved the request in just a few days. If ICANN does not make good judgement in the .Web TLD decision, perhaps they may go through the same experience. There is big momentum right now about the .Web TLD, and we expect the decision soon.  ICANN may surprise us all with a good judgemental decision. Otherwise, if they act in favor of big monopolies, they may have to face antitrust lawsuits.


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