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Username: kiyu
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 4:41 PM GMT
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Subject: How NSI started


>"Not for anything, but your reasoning would preclude any other registry/registrar than those that already exist."     

As I stated, Afilias has left completely open the admission of new registrars to their list of members, so long as they are ICANN accredited.  Doesn't that make sense?  To keep order through the already established chain of authority, rather than some sort of chaos where anyone can be a registrar and access to these new gTLDs?

>"I wonder how NSI survived the early days.

The answer: they did."
      If we keep in mind that the Web was invented in 1994 and that NSI was founded in 1979 and entered into the Cooperative Agreement with the National Science Foundation in 1992 which became effective January 1, 1993 with all kinds of phase-in periods, you can see that NSI never had to deal with an Internet community like exists today.  They had decent gear on the floor before any real sort of volume started to hit (after the Web in 1994), and scaled it from there.  Whomever receives the .web domain will have their gear stressed on day one, likely, like it will never again be stressed.  They better be ready.

>"Let us not kill competition and innovation." 

innovation: I didn't see anything in IOD's application about implementing XML in their registry for ease of machine reading. 

competition: I don't see IOD sharing equal access to their registry initially with 19 other registrars and leaving access available to others later on.

I agree whole-heartedly with your statement regarding competition and innovation, but you have advocated the wrong candidate to meet those ends.

Sir, you are obviously speaking from a poorly researched standpoint, blindly advocating high ideals and, ironically, taking the wrong side to meet those ideals. 

Furthermore, based upon the time I posted my statement and how quickly you responded, I doubt you read or know anything of the hardware and software differences which I mentioned and their very real significance.  I would say that you simply have some domains pre-registered with IOD and are interested in those investments' realization.  This, I cannot completely bash, as I too have investments with name-space which I would like to see realized (although not in the .web gTLD) as well.

      However, particularly for the .web gTLD, which will have significant popularity and demand, it is just better that we look out for the good of the Internet as a whole.


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