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Username: jtrade
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 8:32 PM GMT
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Subject: More Conflict of Interest?


      You want a conflict? I just thought of one!

ICANN announced that it would be accepting applications
for new TLDs in Yokohama. When Image Online Design
heard this (as they had representatives in Yokohama), they
certainly must have immediately went to work on their
application, even not knowing the criteria. When I last had
correspondence with Mr. Ambler, he told me that they
started work immediately, and worked almost full time
on their application until the last day. Mr. Ambler told me
that there were things that they wished they had had more
time to develop into their application, but that the time
frame was just too small.

Wouldn't it stand to reason, though, that since Mr. Stubbs
is the chair of the names council, and works so closely
with ICANN, that he would have had more advance notice
of the whole process? Wouldn't it stand to reason that
Afilias and anyone involved with CORE (the organization
for which he's the chair) would have benefited from that
advance notice? That includes Melbourne IT and their
application as well.

For those looking for the definition of a conflict of interest,
here it is.


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