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Username: wiredz
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 5:29 PM GMT
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Subject: Read my comments.


David, you wrote in the ICANN Forum:
> For registries such as IOD that have
been operating domain suffixes >before ICANN start operating new TLD, such as .web,
there are certain >protection under international trademark laws. Since ICANN is using >the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) to resolve >disputes, it is disturbing as a trademark holder to think that ICANN >can discrimiate against certain trademark
right holders (first use) >such as .web, to beneficial itself. This is called piracy       

   You should read ICANN's TLD FAQ and also the RFCs by the late Jon Postel first before you play with DNS and TLD issues.

   It is CLEARLY stated in ICANN's TLD FAQ and also in the RFCs by the late Jon Postel that ownership claims and rights towards a particular TLD is incorrect. TLD operation is a "public" trust and a service to the community. "Public" means the US Government owns all TLDs including .com, .net, and .org. ICANN is a contractor of the US Government.

   Since ICANN Accredited numerous registrars for com, net, org, NSI's monopoly ended and NSI was forced to "open up" and sell com, net, org names in wholesale at $6 to all ICANN Accredited Registrars. Since then, people like you are me do not have to pay $35 to NSI for a com, net, org. The cheapest com, net, org registrar is which charges $10 for a com, net, org name through its

   I strongly feel that giving Affilias or NeuStar .WEB won't create WEB monopolies because the TLDs will be SHARED similarly like com, net, org is currently operated. Period.

   Therefore, I do not see why all of you have to bash Affilias and NeuStar as being monopolies. NSI is a minority partner in Affilias. Anyway, even if you hate NSI, remember that NSI is not being the registry operator for WEB but, an ICANN Accredited Registrar. Tucows has contributed a lot to the internet community through, the cheapest wholesale registrar.

  Affilias plans to charge $5.75 + $0.20 =$5.95 for a WEB name which is WAY cheaper than NSI Registry's com, net, org which is priced at $6.

  NeuStar's proposal is to charge $5.30 for a WEB name, which is still more cheaper than Affilias' WEB Proposal ($5.95)  and NSI Registry's COM/NET/ORG Pricing ($6)

  My final say is this - No TLD can be trademarked as it is public property. Period.

  If IOD wants to sue, heck who's to stop them? U.S.A. is a free country and people are free to sue who they like - just be sure the judge favours IOD to ICANN. I doubt IOD will win if they sued ICANN because ICANN is backed by US Government. Even Name-Space sued NSI and ICANN/IANA and USG/NSF and lost misrably.



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