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Username: DanielK
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 3:00 PM GMT
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Subject: A Response


     I am a representative of CASDNS, and after reading the "accusations" leveled by Mr. Conant, feel it necessary to tell the "entire" story, and not just the parts he feels necessary to attempt to make us look as though we acted improperly.

As a reseller, Mr. Conant used our registration services for ALLDNS for a short period of time.  Soon thereafter Mr. Conant requested that he make changes to domain names not owned by himself, but those of his clients.  In accordance with ICANN policy, we told him that he was unable to change any information as to the ownership of names that he did not personally own.

This did not sit well with Mr. Conant and he began to make numerous complaints to a number of the CASDNS employees.  Each employee told him the same thing, that it was against the law to change information unless the person making the request was the actual owner of the registered name. CASDNS did accomodate any of the individual clients who made requests for changes.

Mr. Conant's complaints fell on deaf ears at CORE for the very same reason.  He did not get his way and was unable to break the rules, so he became upset.

As of today, Mr. Conant has gone so far as to send an e-mail to our President, stating and threatening that the ALLDNS legal department will be drafting a letter of opposition to the Commercial Connect Application for a new TLD, and that they will "venomously oppose" our application.

Such "venom" is precisely the kind of treatment we have received from Mr. Conant ever since we made it clear to him that we were not going to bend the ICANN rules to serve his purposes.

While I believe in the ability of this message board to be a meaningful public forum for constructive comments, it is a genuine shame that people like Mr. Conant can use it to spread untruths about applicants. 

I can not argue with his contention that his recourse may be limited with regard to foreign companies, but the membership of CORE are not doing so in order to "hide" behind some "sophisticated architecture."


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