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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 12:52 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: Oh no, not Global View....He has not made a single point in over 129 posts....


      Frankly sir, I am shocked that you have the official count of those who have posted (what do you do for a living?)...How long did that take you and what purpose does it serve?  Keep that in mind audience..


There are two reasons why people post on this board...(1) Someone who wants to show their feelings about a particular cause (in this case---IOD and dot web) and the other is to "set the record straight", which I might add sir that we (IOD supporters) have had to reply to your rantings and negative comments...nonetheless you are free to make them (in stealth)...It's just when you try to formulate an agrument you have to show that your capable of making far you haven't...and you still use a simpleton posting name, "Global View" Keep Ranting...again, all it does it is bring out the truth!!!

Gregory W. Krajewski     


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