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Username: bfellman
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 11:42 PM GMT
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Subject: Questions for applicants re registrars and resellers


        I believe the answers to the following questions should be considered in evaluating the proposals for new GTLDs. 

I believe each applicant should provide the information requested so we may understand fully how they plan to implement the rollout of their programs with regard to registrars and/ or resellers. 

Registrar/Reseller Accreditation
1. Who is eligible to become a registrar and/or reseller?
2. What are the qualifications to become a registrar and/or reseller?
3. When will applications be accepted from entities that wish to become a registrar and/or reseller?
4. Provide the application form to become a registrar and/or reseller.
5. Describe the approval process, and the amount of time required to approve an application.
6. How long will it take to evaluate an application?
7. When will the applicant be notified of approval?
8. List the reasons why a prospective registrar and/or reseller would be denied approval?

Technical Issues

1. What are the technical requirements to become registrar and/or reseller?
2. When will the API be published?
3. Provide the API if available.
4. Will there be a license fee to use the API? If so what will the fee be?
5. How much time will be provided to approved registrars and or resellers to implement the API prior to the operation of the Registry?
6. What is the approximate amount of time expected and allowed for the applicant to develop a working system to actively register and/or resell domain names?
7. Describe the testing and certification process if any.
8. Once an applicant is ready to begin the testing and certification process, how long will the process take to complete?
9. How much time will applicants have to complete their approval and certifications prior to the registry becoming operational?
10. Will approved registrars and/or resellers be able to submit registration requests on behalf of their customers during the sunrise period, if provided? Or during any other initial period prior to the registry becoming operational?
11. What is the service level agreement proposed by the registry?

Rollout Process and Initial Period of Regisrty Operation

1. What procedures will be put in place to provide equal access to parties that wish to register names prior to the registry becoming operational?
2. When two or more parties wish to register the same name and make their request prior to the commencement date of the operation of the Registry how will this situation be handled? Will one party be given preference over another and if so for what reasons would one party receive preferences over another.

Technical Issues/Compatibility with existing NSI processes

1. Will the methods and processes currently in place for communicating and interacting with the NSI Registry be supported by the new Registry?  If not, what is proposed?
2. Who will maintain the registrant and contact information? The registry or the registrars who are approved to sponsor names in the new registry?


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