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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sat, October 28, 2000 at 4:31 AM GMT
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Subject: One thing for sure....Dot Com needs competition......Dot Web is the answer


     This is just another thought as we are discussing the issues here....Of all the TLD's which do you think will help the current situation....I want to make it perfectly clear to the board members to realize the importance of the situation here....Dot web MUST be one of the new TLDs in this "test bed" period...

       Dot Web doesn't need a consortium to brand this domain globally
         IOD has proven that....It is that strong of a TLD...
       Dot Web has obviously garnered most of the attention on this
       Dot Web is universal...I think a dot shop, dot biz personally
         limits a person with respect to what they can do with it..
         Dot Biz sounds nice...even dot shop...but I think there
         utility would be short lived...Do I think these should get
         the nod someday, "YES", but right now we need to focus on
         how best to find a surrogate for the failing dot com...Do
         you realize alot of companies don't even bother to use dot
         com in their name anymore...Dot web would relieve that
         problem as companies would attract to this domain.  I am
         guessing that is why Network Solutions dropped it's idea
         in suggesting dot banc and dot shop....and put together
         this consortium....They saw that IOD was spot on, only
         IOD seen this 4 years ago...Your call, but...I think my
         points have been made...This string is about Dot Web... 
       Dot Web has had some ardent supporters...No doubt about that..
         this grassroot effort will bring some good back into this
      There are many more reasons....Just for the sake of a different
      topic, can anyone think of anymore reasons?? 

Gregory W. Krajewski


Link: IOD's application, "Find out why many of us, believe in IOD"

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