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Username: cyber-cynic
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 4:25 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: oops


        Hmmm, I got myself in a real mess with that one.

I went looking for where I got that "no pre-registration" bit and the only thing I could find was that notice warning the public.

Between that and reading some of the negative posts about the registrations to date, I guess I must have drawn the conclusion that pre-registrations were not allowed.

Well now I did warn you I had not thoroughly read all there was to read and I knew I had a reason for not wanting to discuss individual applications.

On top of that you baited me with your response when you differentiated between registrations and pre-registrations and I fell for it.

So my repsonse only applies to my imaginary "no pre-registration" requirement.

It did force me to go and have another look at your application and I skimmed through the policy bit, and under ICANN's wag the dog policy, which I am totally opposed to, of course you can allocate the names to the existing registrants, after all the registry operator is the policy maker.

Now I do have a policy question that ICANN did not ask (at least I don't think so) which is very important. How will you treat expired domains. I ask this in light of NSI and others who "sit" on expired domains and do not release them back into the market.

I guess I should go and have one more good look at your application and do a post once I have fully informed myself.

So there you have it, total turnaround - only on that point though; and now I am going to register some .web domains - just in case.



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