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Username: fabrcop
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 8:20 AM GMT
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Subject: Reversed logic


I did not like at all your aggressive post.

For example, I registered a few .web domains at IOD but they are
not business.web or loan.web or ecommerce.web and I will not be
likely to sell them for thousands of dollars.
I decided to register a few .web domains just because I think it is fair that IOD's gets the .web registry and I was confident
that I will get those domains: the logic is reversed.

In simple logical terms you say:
"You support IOD just because this is your convenience".

Please try to reverse this logic:
"I think that IOD deserves .web (it is fair that IOD runs its
.web registry). I am confident that ICANN accepts IOD's registry, and that's why I registered a few .web domains at IOD: I made this
just for *confidence* in a *fair* process by ICANN"

In other words: why are there so many IOD supporters?
You say: "for convenience", but yours is a "late" explanation:
you are trying to explain events *after* they happened.
The correct question is: "why did they register .web domains
at IOD?". The right answer is: "because they were confident
that IOD will get the .web registry, because they see that this
is fair".

I hope I was clear in explaining this "reversed logic".
Otherwise please let me know.

Finally: to wipe out existing IOD's registrations
can't avoid speculation either!!!
On day one, there will be a random rush to register "business.web"
or whatever else, and this will be based on luck only.
It is fair that they are given to who registered them since 1996.

Of course I agree that Trademarks should be protected by IOD
(and this is considered in its application). So cocacola.web
or kodak.web should be deleted - I agree on this.


Fabrizio Coppola


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