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Username: hoffy
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 8:00 AM GMT (Sun, October 15, 2000 at 6:00 PM EAST)
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Subject: David and Goliath


"When it comes down to it, Afilias actually has a plan that will foster more competition than IOD's plan"

I agree, but considering the Afilias base sold an estimated 10,000,000 domain names in the last fiscal year, it's easy for me to assume that they have the public presence (and large marketplace share) to gain substantial profitering headway before any other regsitrars even enter the game.  Considering they entered the game only two months ago, it is an interesting, and smart business alliance.  But who is going to go up against that strength.  Of course they have expertise and financial purse to bring any of their domains into mainstream public limelight in a blaze of glory ... that's the whole problem.  No competition ... it's an instant monopoly, just add a domain space.

I'm not particularly in favour of any of the applications.  I think ICANN have raised the tld issue too early.  A rethink of how the domain system of the world is managed should have first been a priority and open to public discussion.  I would imagine it would be better if registrars been able to compete openingly on any tld not assigned to a country.  Were they to request an ongoing fee from any participating registrar to be applied to the underlying DNS that has to support this entire situation, then parhaps the system would grow more smoothly.  I could go into technecalities on that, but it's off topic.

Although there is a lot of feverish wording against Afilias from IOD supporters, you would have to agree that it's only because there is a large number of people who have already placed a stake in their bid.  Were Afilias been around longer and taking pre-registrations, then the mud sliging would come from both sides.  I'm sure the board of ICANN are mature enough to realise that is the situation.  Were I to pick either, then IOD would get my vote.  Why help the rich get richer ... or are you the greedy type too?  This world is big enough for everyone still, why must people be bent on absolute control?  Damn god attitudes.

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