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Username: Jello
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 10:35 PM GMT
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Subject: Why No TRADEMARK domain????


      The biggest problem we have experienced with TLDs is the problem of allowing those with Trademarks free reign over all TLDs.  Last I recall the Internet was not created for the sole use of big business.

      So then why are we now expanding TLDs without the most OBVIOUS TLD... a .TMK or .TRD or something specific to trademarks so that they have their own little home and can quit twisting the law around in order to get all TLDs for that name????

     i.e.  there is absolutely no reason why Madonna should have been able to nab  She didn't come up with the word, and it's in the dictionary.  Same for  Last I recall, Yahoo is hillbilly slang.  Just because you trademark the logo doesn't mean you created the word... and it should give you jurisdiction over all TLDs with Yahoo in it.

     Make a .TMK TLD.  Let them fight over that one domain and let the free world out from under the thumbs of the rich and or big business.

Jeffrey J. Ello


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