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Username: Tim Brown
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 6:15 PM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Inadequate selection


        There is no good reason for restricting the release of TLD names to entities that have the financial resources, the technical capabilities and a willingness to support the public interest. It seems to me that the public interest is best served by changing the approach to this issue. ICANN should be identifying the technical, financial requirements for TLD resolution. They should establishing TLD host responsibilities to the public (such as policies that provide no favoritism in granting sub-tier domain names). And finally (most importantly) they should allow the free market establish who gets what. Why not establish a system that pre-qualifies potential TLD registrants and then hold an auction of names. If a prequalified TLD registrant proposed an obscure TLD name they could probably aquire the rights for very little money. On the other hand a TLD name of shop would bring in a high price. The income from the auction could pay for ICANN expenses with enough left over for funding a program to help bring internet access to third world countries or support non-profit R&D. It is a shame that the $50,000 fee has kept really needed TLD names (like .rec) from hitting the market. The only applicants seem to be the businesses that see a get rich quick play. This whole approach does not adequately serve the public interest!


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