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Username: cyber-cynic
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 12:45 AM GMT
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Subject: Don't rock the boat.


Consensus, consensus, consensus that is the ICANN motto.

That being the case, a single recommendation  is not going to sway them but they are actually compelled to listen to public opinion especially en mass.

Hence, "Petition" is the first thing that comes to mind, in fact how about an electronic one.

All one has to do is draft a recommendation, put it up on a web site in a mailto:ICANN form, then direct people to it and let them fill in a name plus email address (which serves as a signature) and click send, and voila off a signed petition goes to ICANN.

The nuisance factor of a "multiform" petition rather than a single mailing might actually help get attention, assuming it has lots of support.

Who knows, with enough clicks you might even halt the whole process, since part of ICANN's modus operandi is not to rock the boat.

The one problem I see on this board is that there are many pushing a personal cause rather than looking at the bigger picture and probably couldn't care less about issues like these. The mindless postings tell the story better than I can (no pun intended).


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