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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 10:35 PM GMT
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Subject: I hope you can understand now, how important the introduction of new gtlds is!



We agree on most issues, but some need to be discussed further on:

RE "How would you like me to set up a company called 'Friedrich
Kisters SA' if you already have one? I would really get mad..."

I may have a company called "Friedrich Kisters SA" in Switzerland and
you may open one in France. I won't get mad - if I am not registered there, no problem.

You may even register "friedrich kisters" as a trademark over 40
times within Switzerland, once for food, once for internet
services, ...

But domain names are unique: Once or was registered,
the rest of the trademarkholders of xyz worldwide can not register it
anymore. So, hundreds of trademarkholders remain without any
possibility of registering their trademarked name within an
appropriate gtld.

And if they register their trademarked name, they may be ripped off
by some "bigger" trademark owner of the same word in the U.S.

This IS NEW and could never happen according to trademark laws.
It is the current, Internet-reigning "Faustrecht" and against any
democratic or legal rights.

It is also against the "SWISS guarantee of property act".

And, as an address can't violate a trademark, it is simply absurd.

To give other trademark holders, company owners and private users the
possibility of registering an appropriate name we MUST introduce new,
unrestricted gtlds.

The use of them must happen within legal barriers and if it doesn't,
the owner must be sued.

But I can't tell you, that you will not be able to get a knife
anymore, because it happened that someone was killed by a knife ...

It's the completely wrong way to go.

I hope you can understand now, how important the introduction of new
gtlds is!

I am looking forward to have a beer with you in Montreux!



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