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Username: vdfman
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 9:23 PM GMT
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Subject: Good common sense


            What Economist states is just good, strong common sense, yet I am continually amazed and saddened at human beings' inability to exercise such sense. ICANN, by letting KStubbs flaunt a conflict of interest, is damaging itself and causing more people to question it's ability to act responsibly and in good faith.

Basically, they are allowing the last thing in the world they should allow given their dubious reputation already.

In what could easily be construed as perverse reasoning on my part, maybe ICANN heads are unconcerned about the conflict of interest because they know themselves there is NO WAY Afilias could ever be given .WEB without ICANN being sacrificed in the process. It's improbability makes it acceptable to live with for a while until their decision comes out.

That said, the lack of response to the conflict of interest accusations is incredibly befuddling.  You would think someone of authority would respond either in ICANN or Afilias.

Is this the twilight zone?? Do I really see a board filled with hundreds of conflict of interest accusations, yet the press and ICANN act as if nothing is out of sorts.

Someone slap me.  (who doesn't want to already). Oh ..wait, that leaves me unslapped.  :-)




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